OMEGA - Pure Beef Angus Sirloin (8oz)

OMEGA Pure Beef angus sirloin from grass fed cattle. Packaged in 8oz bags with oxygen absorber to ensure maximum freshness. This has natural omega 3 and 6. Each pack contains 261 mg of omega 3 and 625.5 mg of omega 6 fatty acids. Great for aiding in joint, health health and in promoting a healthy shiny coat. Lower in fat and calories than cattle raised in feedlots.

Sizes of beef pieces may vary.  This has a pleasant beef odour that is even tempting for us humans. Slow baked to perfection.These are approved by USDA, FDA, CFIA.

Yes they are now available in Canada and you don't have to ship them from the USA and worry about the new strict CFIA inspection guidelines.

You are not responsible for any duty or brokerage charges as with shipments from the USA.

OMEGA - Pure Beef Angus Sirloin (8oz)

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